Saxophone overhauls and restoration


Saxofoon revisie, reparatie en onderhoud Amsterdam

Charlie’s Muziek is a saxophone repair shop that focuses on vintage & professional saxophone restorations and overhauls.

Remy Veerman, Owner of Charlie’s Muziek, has centered his career on the improvement of woodwind instruments.

He built an international reputation for high-quality repair, restoration, customization, and design modification of woodwind instruments by constant interaction with professional musicians and consultation with instrument manufacturers.



  Saxophone for sale


Charlie’s Muziek owns a collection of hand-selected vintage saxophones from well-known brands such as Selmer, King, Conn and Buescher saxophones. So if you are looking for a vintage saxophone you found the right place.

Looking for an instrument?

Let me know what kind of saxophone you are looking for and I will find it for you.We have a wide network of players, dealers and collectors.

 U are welcome in our shop in Amsterdam to try our saxophones. You can contact us by mail:  info@charliesmuziek.nl or use the contact form.



Wayne Shorter
It has not been since Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone that I have felt someone has brought this instrument to an essence…Remy Saxophones presented me with a tonal spectrum befitting my inexhaustible desire to continue to explore the road less travelled. Its unique qualities could have only been crafted by the hands of a designer with a heart set on a mission to transcend the limits imposed only by commercial pursuits. Bravo! – Wayne