Phil Stuart

Ik heb mijn (splinter nieuwe) gereviseerde Yamaha weer thuis met de geweldige polsters van t merk Remy. Thank you Remy Veerman mijn complimenten. Echt top!

Matan Chapnizky

I’m a professional saxophone player and had the privilege of traveling around the world playing music. I lived in New York, Boston and Tel Aviv and no one ever did a job on my saxophone as you.

The level of craftsmanship, fineness, precision and the quality of materials that you are using – all make the overhaul you did on my saxophone a perfect one!

You are a one of a kind and I will surely recommend anyone seeking the highest level of work to go visit you.

All the best,
Your new loyal costumer
Matan Chapnizky

Denis Gäbel

6 hours in the train are absolutely worth it to get work done by Remy Veerman, owner of Charlies Muziek, in Amsterdam! He made great effective changes on my Super Balanced tenor today!

Pieter Engels

Pieter Engels

Drie saxen door Remy laten reviseren. Geweldig werk! Ze spreken geweldig aan, sound is moddervet en de actie is super. Wat een feest!

Lluc Casares Alcobé

Lluc Casares

Ok Saxophone players from all over the world! Let me have your attention for a second! The master Remy Veerman just did a complete overhaul to my horn and I’m shocked how good it feels, how easy it plays and how loud it became! I just can say dank je wel Remy!!! and recommend him and his shop Charlie’s Muziek to y’all!

Jelske Hoogervorst

Remy heeft mijn sax weer op-en-top gerepareerd en afgesteld. Nauwkeurig en betrouwbaar vakmanschap. Aanrader!

Susanne Alt

Susanne Alt

Special shout-out to Remy Veerman from Charlie’s Muziek! Yesterday he found time for a last minute repair of my alto sax (Yanagisawa A991)!. Thanks to him i can play tonight and tomorrow with perfectly closing pads again…

Joao Driessen

Joao Driessen

As you are aware, I am very suspicious when it comes to making changes to my beloved Mark IV Selmer Tenor Saxophone.

Over the last year I have visited your shop on a regular basis and have been absolutely enthralled by your dedication and spirit for the saxophone. Your endeavours towards even greater craftsmanship have really paid off.

The last revision to your hand made saxophone pads and other techniques you have employed to improve the response and tone of my horn have  blown me away. Since leaving your shop dumbstruck last week, I have been playing to my hearts content.

I can’t thank you enough for the work you have done in getting me closer to my dream sound. You have inspired me to work harder and I only hope I can live up to the saxophone I now carry around with me.

Eternally grateful for your work and hope many more saxophone players get the chance to work with you.

Can’t wait to visit again and see what you’re up to next at the workbench