Knoel Scott: Falling in love with my Remy Alto Saxophone

Knoel Scott ( original member of the Sun Ra Arkestra and director of the Knoel Scott Quartet ) talks about the process of getting to know and falling in love with his Remy alto saxophone.

“This reminds me of the first time I picked up this horn.
I mean, I didn’t say nothing but I’m playing on this other horn from this very very famous French maker and I was really very happy with the sound of that horn.
So I picked up Remy’s horn…. I was like…wow! The notes just pops out the horn, its has this rich and singing sound. I started playing Body and Soul and I said: Good God, the notes, they are full of warmth, there’s a spread of sound its fills up the room. You feel it underneath the soles of your feet. The notes just pop out of the horn. You can hear it no matter how fast you play.

Now see, the way you can tell a horn really plays well is when it makes you play something different. When you get carried away like: Let me try this or let me try that. And you try it and it’s right there. The horn is so responsive you have no idea how my heart is smiling from the inside because
I finally have something that is responsive to all of my musical needs and my main need is for my horn to be an extension of my soul. To be an extension of my voice. Truly beautiful.
More about the Remy Alto

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